More Than Skin Deep

More Than Skin Deep

Nearly all women are naturally vain regarding their looks. Ought to be fact, the cosmetic industry has turned into a billion-dollar business because of vanity or higher-emphasized value mounted on physical beauty. E-commerce is about how you can enhance, modify, and improve a ladies appearance. Beauty items of sizes and shapes, for use from mind to foot, are offered to satisfy the requirements of the aesthetically-conscious female market.

Of all of the parts of the body of the lady, it’s possibly your skin that receives probably the most attention — by the pack leader and also the firms that make the products particularly to enhance that part of the body. Your skin is really the biggest organ of the body. Women pay particular focus on their skin, possibly just as much care because they put in their head of hair, since it is probably the most visible a part of themselves.

A unblemished complexion, made more appealing and welcoming by fancy dresses, jewellery making-up, leads a lady to a lot of doorways and home windows of chance. Inside a world obsessive about fashion and beauty, a beautiful lady is anticipated to visit a really lengthy, lengthy means by relation to her relationships, career and social existence.

But women’s obsession over skin beauty shouldn’t simply be for aesthetic purposes. Your skin may be the body’s outer covering and processes like a defense against heat, infection, injuries, and dangerous ultraviolet sun rays. Your skin also regulates body’s temperature and stores water, fat, and vitamin D.

Your skin has two primary layers, namely:

1.Outer Epidermis – the surface of your skin mostly comprised of flat, scale-like cells known as squamous cells. The greatest area of the epidermis contains melanocytes which cells produce

melanin that provides your skin its color.

2.Inner Skin – this inner layer of your skin contains bloodstream and lymph vessels, follicles of hair, and glands. The glands produce sweat included in controlling body’s temperature. Additionally, it produces serum, that is an oily substance that keeps your skin from becoming dry. Once the sweat and serum achieve the surface of the skin through small openings known as pores. When these pores are blocked, congested with dirt, or become infected, skin breakouts occur. Skin breakouts will come by means of acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, congested pores, and cysts.

Stopping or controlling oily skin is essential for each lady, or person for instance. Excess oil can block your skin pores and lead to more breakouts. Skincare experts may choose to prescribe certain medications like dental or injected steroids, iodides and bromides to manage excessive oil production. Certain jobs, usually individuals which involve employed in the area or perhaps in hot environments, also lead to skin problems. The unsanitary work atmosphere prevents an individual from maintaining skin cleanliness.


A few of the more prevalent skincare solutions include using the next products:

l Cleanser

l Exfoliator

l Moisturizer

l Sunblock

l Toner

Using these items promote elasticity and good complexion. Proper skin maintenance takes not only getting a face-washing regimen. Using these items is essential to possess a blemish-free skin.


1. Ascorbic Acid Antioxidant Concentrate – is shown to stimulate the synthesis of bovine collagen,it will help have a youthful glow and delays aging of your skin.

2. 2% Beta Hydroxy Acidity Oil-Control Gel – is really a mattifying gel base which dissolves excess surface oil. Laser hair removal is extremely recommend for shiny skin tones.

An intensive skincare routine is essential to help keep our largest organ in tip-top condition. Other skincare tips that certain should think about include getting regular appointments with a skin doctor consuming lots of water eating a well-balanced diet and becoming enough sleep. To avoid skin allergic reactions, you should bear in mind concerning the ingredients of each and every skin anti wrinkle cream you utilize.

Men’s Skin Care

Men’s Skincare

Surprisingly men have a similar skincare issues as women. We tend not to learn about them, however, since the media tends not to pay attention to them just as much in today’s world. Nevertheless, men get wrinkles and pimples, they’ve dried-out skin and they’ve oily skin, they’re vulnerable to cancer of the skin, and lots of have a problem with ingrown hairs a lot of their lives. Since these concerns happen to be introduced to light, now you ask ,: how can men create a regimen that is the best for them?

We begin by mentioning the variations between men and women’s skincare. Generally, men don’t spend just as much cash on skincare products as women men don’t put on just as much make-as men and women shave their hair on your face even more than women do. You will find products available on the market that concentrate on men only, and you will find products that focus on both women and men. In addition, men tend to choose fundamental, no frills labeling and merchandise which are multi-purpose, like a soap you can use for hair, body and face.

This is a good all-purpose skincare regime for males to follow along with: cleanse evening and morning having a gentle face cleaner (no bar soap because it is only going to dry up skin and result in problems), make use of a mild shaving product when shaving, exfoliate areas not shaved or you don’t shave regularly exfoliate the whole face 1-3 occasions each week, treat breakouts having a disinfecting product, use sun block with SPF of 15 everyday, and employ a moisturizer over areas which are dry.

Since shaving hair on your face sets men aside from women, the topic ought to be discussed further. Should you suffer ingrown hairs, razor burn or other type of irritating reaction from shaving, I really want you to understand this isn’t normal. If you’ve ever thought about why aftershave products sting or perhaps when they should, keep in mind “pain equals no gain”. Utilizing a razor over the skin scraps the top of the epidermis departing it vulnerable should you use a product by having an irritating component later on, it will sting.

Should you experience rash like reactions after shaving, probably it is a result of the merchandise getting used before, during or after shaving. Many shaving products contain things that may seem nice around the label, but actually they’re very irritating for your skin. Here are a few common ingredients place in shaving items that have a tendency to create problems: alcohol, menthol, camphor and peppermint. For those who have products with these ingredients and also you experience irritation with shaving, I would recommend trying something totally new.

Search for shaving creams, foams or gels which contain emollient ingredients to match a moisturized, calm, more soothed skin. Search for aloe, silicone, or allantoin to become indexed by the very first 5 approximately ingredients of the shaving product. Around the front of shaving products many occasions the term “enriched” signifies it might contain skin soothing vitamins and emollient things that will moisturize the skin rather of drying it. Another essential indicator of the potentially non-irritating method is “alcohol free.”

So, towards the men that are studying this, remember, “pain equals no gain.” When the shaving product you have been using appears to irritate the skin, it’s time to try something totally new. For the ladies, listen to me and get newer and more effective shaving cream for that man inside your existence and casually swap it using what he’s using now, he’ll appreciate it eventually.

Mens skin care

Mens skincare

‘Man skin care’ would appear as an alien subject with a men. It could have been much more alien a couple of in the past. However, increasingly more males are now realising the significance of man skincare (and therefore the thing is markets flush with man skincare products too). Although the male skin is quite different from what female, ‘man skin care’ is much like your skin take care of women.

‘Man skin care’ too begins with cleansing. Water soluble cleansers are preferred. Cleansing helps take away the dirt, grease and pollutants in the skin helping in stopping pore clogging. The natural oily nature of male skin makes cleansing a fundamental part of man skincare procedure. Cleansing ought to be done at least one time every single day, better still if it’s done two times each day. Using soap evidently is frustrated.

‘Man skin care’ revolves a great deal around shaving. Shaving foam/gel/cream after shave lotion are among the most significant man skincare products. Serious ‘man skin care’ needs a proper choice of shaving related equipment and merchandise. Among the primary factors in selecting shaving products ought to be the type of skin (since the quality of oiliness differs for every person). Alcohol-based aftershaves ought to be prevented. Proper ‘man skin care’ also mandates using top quality razors. Here, swivel-mind razors are preferred because they are recognized to reduce cuts. Besides these items and equipment, it’s also necessary that you employ them correctly. Be gentle when utilizing your razor. Don’t scratch it upon your skin make use of a smooth and soft action (in the end it’s dependent on removing hair, and not the skin itself).

Male skin is usually thicker and oilier, because of bigger pores and much more active skin oil glands. However, because of regular shaving, your skin could possibly get dehydrated very easily. Hence moisturisers too form a fundamental element of man skincare. Moisturising gel or cream ought to be applied after shaving. Actually, some shaving foams/ gel come with an in-built moisturising effect too. Moisturisers ought to be patted lightly within the face and massaged lightly using upward strokes.

Though a man’s skin is less prone to cancer of the skin brought on by Ultra violet radiation, utilizing a sun block can also be an essential man skincare measure. Use a moisturiser that mixes sun block using the moisturising effect.

One other good choice for ‘man skin care’ is by using man skincare items that have 100 % natural ingredients like natural aloe-vera, ocean salt and coconut etc. Naturally antiseptic oils e.g. lavender, tea-tree etc offer good method for man skincare.

Man skincare isn’t as difficult as many men think. It simply requests a couple of minutes every single day, to be able to provide you with a healthy skin for present as well as for future.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying Anymore Skincare Products

Important Points To Consider Before Choosing Any longer Skincare Products

Today there appears to become a million products but couple of solutions for skincare issues. Aisle upon aisle of costly and attractively packaged products that might or might not do anything more, significantly less satisfy the promises they create. This information will assist you to travel through the confusing realm of skincare and endless stream of unnecessary purchases.

Regularly exfoliating the skin is really a quick, affordable, and good way to appear more youthful and much more radiant. Make certain you decide on a facial scrub with small grains, and lightly rub it in circles in your face to have an instant, in your own home facelift. Exfoliate once per week which are more optimal results.

Use ice for those who have a bunion that feels inflamed and hot. Ice can awesome it lower. Likewise try giving your toes a good work out which will help your bunion along with your joints. You may also try to look for a set of men’s footwear – that are wider than typical women’s footwear – that will help you via a painful bout having a bunion.

Are greasy hair products the reason for your acne? For those who have acne that will not disappear regardless of what you’ve attempted, the issue may lie using the hair products you utilize. Switch products temporarily, or try keeping the hair from your face, to find out if the acne improves.

To avoid breakouts of acne, use facial maintenance systems which come inside a spray-on applicator. This can prevent you from transferring bacteria, oils and potentially irritating substances out of your hands for your face while applying such things as sun block or moisturizer. Getting a far more bacteria-free face can consequently reduce your odds of developing pimples.

When it is bedtime, cleanup the face from the trace of make-up. Use a moisturizer a couple of hrs before you go to bed in order that it has time for you to penetrate the skin and won’t aggrivate your skin when you rest in your pillow. Apply lip balm and hands cream before you go to bed.

Use witch hazel to assuage inflamed or itchy skin. Search for witch hazel that isn’t distilled and possesses 5 to 10 percent witch hazel leaf extract. Regrettably the distilled version that is broadly distributed has hardly any healing property. Look for a nutrition store to buy your witch hazel.

To avoid premature sun-damage for your skin, it is essential to put on sun block. Pick one that blocks UVB and UVA sun rays. Pick an SPF factor sufficient to carry on to safeguard you after it starts to put on off. For instance, an SPF of 10 will drop to some really low protection of SPF 5 once you sweat for any bit or wipe the face.

As you’ve read, you will find real methods to skincare problems and real solutions for your questions regarding it. Take your learning to heart and also to practice. Spare yourself the agony of endless spending and learning from mistakes. Be smart regarding your skincare by remaining informed and understanding what works well with you, that you’ve hopefully learned today!

Skin Care Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin

Skincare Strategies For Healthy Glowing Skin

I touched my daughter’s brow yesterday and recognized it had been so smooth and soft. I recall getting skin like this, but with time I have lost moisture and elasticity. If this sounds like going on too, make use of the below tips and methods to assist the skin get back it’s youthful resiliency.

Always employ a sun block, particularly when using anti-aging products. Most anti-aging creams posess zero SPF inside them, and as everyone knows, unprotected skin exposure creates wrinkles, as well as puts you in danger of many Ultra violet related illnesses, for example cancer of the skin. The lighter the skin tone, the greater a SPF you need to use.

When you’re attempting to promote healthier, youthful searching skin, it is crucial that you are taking e vitamin every day. E Vitamin helps the skin keep its moisture better. Furthermore, e vitamin helps you to fight the development of toxins. E Vitamin is among the most significant supplements to possess healthy skin.

The sun’s rays could be a damaging pressure to skin. It creates ultraviolet sun rays that induce harm to your skin. Put on a sun block lotion by having an SPF with a minimum of 15 and is able to block Ultraviolet sun rays. Affect your skin before entering the sun’s rays (a minimum of twenty minutes ahead of time).

Proper hair care plays a crucial part in managing acne. Shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals can occasionally clog pores when entering connection with them. Oily hair because of minimal washing may also clog the pores. So, make sure to make use of a mild, gentle shampoo and conditioner, and wash hair frequently.

Don’t lead yourself into believing that excessive tanning in a salon is less harmful than spending hrs by the pool on the planet. Being uncovered to dangerous sun rays from tanning beds can result in harm to the skin that could include liver spots, wrinkles or cancer of the skin.

Attempt to reduce the quantity of soda that you simply consume every day. Soda comes complete with sugars and carbohydrates, which could cause result in a poor reaction together with your skin. Rather of soda, try consuming water or flavored water instead of meals throughout the day or night.

To assist remove dead skin cells out of your face greater than regular washing can, try exfoliating. Utilizing an apricot scrub, exfoliating glove, or perhaps regular granulated sugar additionally to some normal mild face was,h might help remove layers of dead skin cells. Make sure to do that only a couple of times per week to prevent irritation and harm to your skin.

For those who have chapped lips and employ lip balm, make certain this really is washed off in the finish during the day when you attend bed. Lip balm usually contains mineral oil, be responsible for acne whether it operates on the face overnight. Wash your full face, as well as your lips before bed time.

After using many of these methods my skin should go back to being soft, beautiful, and taut. Hopefully, yours will too, so let us setup our very own skincare regimens and give it a try! The only method to keep aging away would be to go that step further to consider good proper care of the skin!

10 Tips To Improved Hair Care

10 Ideas To Improved Proper Hair Care

Proper hair care is an integral part of searching good and feeling good, both inside and outside. You will find a never-ending quantity of proper hair care items that promise to shape up, curl, straighten, moisturize and refresh, what is the easiest method to maintain healthier hair? Listed here are 10 tips to help you get began.

If you see split ends, ask them to trimmed. This can lead to healthful hair along with a better overall look. A trim is comparatively affordable and really should just take a few minutes in the local salon.

Make use of a low to medium heat in your blow dryer. Cause problems can dry up your hair and make the frizzies.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure, which isn’t only harmful to the skin, but could dry up hair too.

Lots of people are afflicted by dry skin. If you’re one of the numerous, avoid scratching or rubbing the mind because this will promote flaking. Rather, make use of a shampoo and/or conditioner that’s especially made to treat dry skin and eliminate flaking.

For those who have thin hair, give a volumizing shampoo for additional body. For those who have thick hair, utilizing a healthy shine shampoo brings the additional beauty.

Avoid harsh proper hair care products, which could dry up or damage your hair. In some instances, people have even experienced hair thinning in making use of certain at-home perm and/or coloring treatment products. If you wish to have this kind of treatment done, get it done in the salon.

In selecting a beauty salon, make certain that you go searching for one that’s been running a business for some time and it has a clear, professional workspace.

Ask buddies for referrals. Should they have used a particular proper hair care product, which coincides with one which you are looking for, question their experience. This is also true with salons, that are frequently best suggested by buddies and family.

Kids hair, use soft strokes instead of individuals swiped in a rush. Part of quality proper hair care is, just like the name implies, fixing your hair.

When utilizing styling products, make certain that they don’t overheat just before with them in your hair. Cause problems will damage your hair, as well as the anguish of the burn caused by an overheated styling product.

The data contained in the following paragraphs will be employed for reference only. It’s not for use instead of, or along with, professional proper hair care advice. Anybody who notices a concerning condition, associated with their head of hair, should see a skin doctor for correct diagnosis and/or treatment.

Get Glowing Skin With These Tips (2)

Get Glowing Skin Using These Tips

Would you like skin that isn’t only healthy but additionally glows and feels soft to touch? Have you got scars or dried-out skin you don’t understand how to minimize? Using the following, become familiar with about skincare so that you can be moving toward healthy, beautiful skin!

Wash hair, cure the skin problems. Oil is really a major component in pimple creation, and just what will get greasier than hair? Make certain that it’s held back from your face which your hairline will get an additional scrub whenever you shampoo to make sure none of the scalp oil will get spread elsewhere.

For the greatest use from your skincare products, you need to apply them within the right order. You can start through the less thick product and make certain it penetrates the skin. Then proceed to a rather thicker product and finished using the thickest one. Don’t apply something new before the previous a person absorbed.

An excellent tip to keep good skin would be to reduce the quantity of alcohol you take in. Excessive drinking can harm the skin and cause premature aging. It’s most apparent in somebody that has been consuming habitually for a long time. It is best to decrease your drinks to a couple of drinks each day.

Planning your diet plan ahead of time goes a lengthy means by ensuring that you don’t give into cravings. Attempt to limit the meals that irritate the skin, as possible setup meals ahead of time so that you don’t indulge. Planning and organization will build up structure for the skincare diet.

Caffeine is really a stimulant that’s now being put into some products for that skin. You may make your personal coffee mask in your own home to assist improve circulation for your face and then leave it searching fresh. Take three tablespoons coffee and grind it finely. Put the coffee inside a bowl and stir in certain milk until there’s a thick paste. Don’t allow it to be too milky, as it won’t stick in your face. Affect the face for around twenty minutes, wash off and pat the face dry.

Oatmeal can be used an affordable exfoliate for the body and face. Make an oatmeal mask simply by mixing ¾ cup oatmeal and ½ cup water and cooking it for any couple of minutes. After it cools, affect the face and permit to sit down for 10-20 minutes. To make use of the oatmeal with your physique, simply convey a couple of scoops to your bath water and allow it to soak before climbing in.

Prepare to get rid of individuals sleeves and lengthy pants because once you begin applying these pointers, you will want to showcase the skin around the world! Remember to maintain the skin care since your skin is continually altering and for that reason needs constant care. Just just a few minutes of care everyday could make a big difference for the skin!

Tips For A Successful Life Without Acne

Strategies For A Effective Existence Without Acne

Acne breakouts are something that the majority of the populace has to cope with. For those who have acne and you need to view it disappear, we’ve got some useful tips that may help you eliminate individuals annoying red bumps. Try some suggestions watching the acne leave the skin permanently.

A rigid washing regimen ought to be established to keep acne away. Put aside occasions everyday to clean the face using the appropriate cleansers. This helps keep your dirt and bacteria from clogging your pores and causing acne. Don’t over-wash which could stimulate the oil making glands causing more oil to become created.

If you’re searching for any fix for your acne, you might want to put an aspirin mask for your face. Aspirin has salicylic acidity inside it. Whenever you put this mix in your face, it can benefit eliminate existing acne and will also help fade acne scarring.

Improve your pillowcase frequently. The oils out of your skin will establish around the fabric and may cause further irritation. A part of coping with acne breakouts are to help keep the region as neat and free of oil as you possibly can. Keep the skin its cleanest by altering your pillowcase every few days.

Should you suffer pimples, it’s important that you should eat foods which are wealthy in zinc. This nutrient is really a natural antibacterial agent when taken enough, might help keep oil onto the skin in a normal rate. It’s a undeniable fact that an eating plan lower in zinc can really cause acne.

When selecting any product to make use of on the skin, from makeup to moisturizer to sun block, attempt to select natural items that haven’t any irritating chemicals inside them. Any foreign substance can upset the skin and cause an acne break-out, so stay away from any merchandise that contains ingredients you cannot pronounce.

A helpful tip when confronted with acne will be careful concerning the hair products you select. Styling gels, sprays along with other formulations that contains oil, chemicals and scents possess a inclination to drip and leech onto skin, be responsible for clogged pores. Only using the gentlest cleansers for that hair will also help keep excess oil away and from the face.

An excellent tip to help you reduce acne breakouts are to simply purchase quality skincare products. Low quality skincare products may cause acne and they even help make your acne worse. You need to only purchase quality skincare items that have been shown to work.

For those who have lengthy hair, make certain that you simply wash it every single day to lessen oil and bacteria. Whenever your hair touches the face, it transfers oil for your skin, which could generate additional acne. Either limit hair length or pull it back, to lessen the surplus oil that touches the skin.

As you can tell, there are many steps you can take to rid the skin of acne. You don’t have to allow acne rule the skin. Follow our proven tips and you may show acne who’s boss. Get acne from your existence for good.

Common Sense Tips For Effective Skin Care

Good Sense Strategies For Effective Skincare

Would you like skin that isn’t only healthy but additionally glows and feels soft to touch? Have you got scars or dried-out skin you don’t understand how to minimize? Using the following, become familiar with about skincare so that you can be moving toward healthy, beautiful skin!

Avoid stress. Unpredicted stress may cause the skin to get sensitive and might cause acne or any other skin problems. A relaxed, healthy outlook goes a lengthy means by keeping the skin searching great. If you are getting skin issues, try lowering the products that you simply get and try done per day you might be surprised to visit your skin obvious up.

Stay away from a pumice stone to scour the bottoms of the ft even though the skin is toughened there, rubbing that layer away leaves your ft susceptible to infection, and rubbing that away is only going to help make your body respond by looking into making that even more powerful. It is best to put on much more comfortable footwear rather.

With regards to maintaining your skin in your face healthy, it’s frequently smart to consider what you’re investing in hair. Some leave-in conditioners and hair products can really clog pores around your hairline. The hairline has already been a really oily area, so be mindful when applying products around or on it.

E Vitamin is a superb tool to possess on hands. You might take e vitamin like a supplement and put it on straight to your skin. It’s in numerous products for your skin which are in the marketplace. It may be effected in stopping scare tissue. A fast trick to possess a quick soothing e vitamin mask would be to take among the pills, poke it having a clean sewing needle and squeeze the liquid from the pill and apply lightly around the face. Just a little goes a lengthy way!

Coping with fever blisters and fever blisters isn’t fun however, many people do need to endure them. Steep a tea bag of black tea, simply black tea, for any couple of minutes in serious trouble. Remove it from the water and awesome it lower for any couple of minutes. Use a black tea bag towards the fever blister or cold sore for around a few minutes as much as three occasions each day for many relief.

To help keep your skin around your vision searching youthful, doing simple things like just buying shades can perform wonders. Shades don’t merely cause you to look awesome. With time, squinting in to the sunlight may cause wrinkles. Wearing a set of shades before leaving the home may prevent that from happening.

Prepare to get rid of individuals sleeves and lengthy pants because once you begin applying these pointers, you will want to showcase the skin around the world! Remember to maintain the skin care since your skin is continually altering and for that reason needs constant care. Just just a few minutes of care everyday could make a big difference for the skin!

Make A Fresh Start With These Skin Care Tips (2)

Create A New Beginning Using These Skincare Tips

Proper skincare is simple to attain by using an easy routine. Washing off makeup in the finish during the day can help reduce clogged pores and stop breakouts. Moisturizing having a facial moisturizer which contains sun block, might help prevent damage in the sun and wrinkles. With only a couple of minutes each day, you can preserve the skin searching youthful and healthy!

Pamper you skin the proper way, every lady enjoys individuals lengthy baths using the fruity shower gels, just make sure your favorite one is not becoming dry the skin. You will need to select a shower gel that’s soap-free and hydrates. Try selecting a milk bath shower gel having a mild scent.

To correctly take care of the skin, you should avoid the heat. High temperatures could make the red appearance of the epidermis worse. Which means that saunas, steam rooms as well as spicy foods, ought to be prevented if you wish to steer clear of the formation of damaged capillaries.

In the event that have shaving-related skin problems for example redness or bumps, attempt to stick to the direction by which hair naturally grows. Whenever you shave using the grain, i.e. whenever you shave within the direction the locks are growing toward, you irritate the skin less because you are not tugging around the hairs as strongly.

To have glowing, youthful searching skin, it is crucial that you learn how to exfoliate correctly. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and keeps the skin in tip-top condition. A primary reason that men’s skin sometimes looks youthful than women’s, is the fact that men naturally exfoliate when they shave. Start exfoliating, and you’ll watch a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Whether the skin tone is light or dark, always employ sun block on sunshine. Besides over-contact with sunlight cause cancer of the skin, additionally, it ages the skin considerably faster. For those who have a particularly light complexion, avoid tanning an excessive amount of. Whenever you lower your skin’s sun exposure, you’ll reduce many years to the way you look.

During the cold months, you’ll experience very dry conditions that will pressure you to definitely put on certain kinds of material. Made of woll is one sort of fabric that could irritate the skin based on your sensitivity. For those who have poor reactions with made of woll, attempt to remove these components out of your wardrobe and select an alternate fabric.

An excellent skincare tip will be sure you buy a skin anti wrinkle cream with as couple of ingredients as possible. Much like with food, the straightforward ingredients are what is the best for you skin. All the added ingredients inside a product will probably only aggravate the skin much more.

Make sure to enter the routine and don’t skip steps together with your skincare. Should you consume a routine it’ll make it simpler to maintain the regimen. Sun block can also be essential to avoid advanced or early aging of skin. You simply get some skin, so make sure to enjoy it!