Finding Delicious Low Carb Food

Have you ever ordered a sandwich and said hold the carbs? That would be a funny order since half of a sandwich is bread.

Carbs has been a buzz topic for a while. People often drop carbs from their diet as way to get healthy or lose weight. If you go paleo or gluten-free, you’re going carb-less.

Hitting the delete button on carbs is easier said than done. When you stop and think about it, you probably consume more carbs than you realize. The category of “carbs” covers breads, muffins, rolls, bagels, buns, crusts, bread crumbs, pretzels, and on and on. Those darn carbs are hiding everywhere.

Avoiding all these things when you are used to consuming them every day can get down right depressing. And for people with special issues, avoiding carbs is not an option.

Some gluten-free, carbless products make chewing on cardboard look appealing. Believe me I’ve tried them all. And if you eat paleo, forgot about finding any kind of bread-like product. You’re stuck making everything yourself.

Luckily there’s a website that sells low carb and paleo bread products. The Great Low Carb Bread Company sells all the bagels, buns, breads, granola, etc. that you’ve been craving. And they taste good.

They also cater to the paleo crowd, which for us paleo people is a huge bonus. Their Low Carb Paleo Bread is made from the same ingredients that I would use to make bread, except someone else has saved me the work. And, it’s just as good. The breads are also high in fiber and protein. Their paleo, low carb gluten-free granola was so tasty and fresh, I thought it had just been made.

The other thing I love about this company is their website. For every item, they don’t just give you the ingredients, they show you a copy of the label. I like to have as much information as possible before I order new things. Weight Watchers points are included in some of the product descriptions too. The products are also available at certain stores and on a few other websites such as Amazon.

Sandwiches beware, there are some new slices in town!